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The Bwindi Batwa Trail

A new project that helps to support the local Pygmy Batwa community.

Tourist activities of the Bwindi Batwa Trail include:

  • Hike through the forest past stunning vistas and the serenity of this ancient rain forest. Along the way, you will watch demonstrations of how the Batwa used to live in the forest, how they use medicinal plants, and how they hunt and gather.
  • You will also find out about the delicate fare on offer in the forest, including wild honey, yams and mushrooms.
  • Visiting traditional dwellings and trying out a spot of dancing!
  • Also buy crafts and souvenirs from the locally made crafts shop, owned by the Batwa community.
  • Enjoy coffee at the Batwa Community’s own coffee shop.
  • Finally, why not try shooting with a bow and arrow and joining a mock hunting party?!

This hands-on experience will open your eyes to another world – that of one of Uganda’s longest forest surviving tribes. It will also show you what other wonders Bwindi Impenetrable Forest has to offer, in the heart of gorilla land.

Batwa elders of about 70 and 80 years old lead all tours.

Batwa Pygmy

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